Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Remembered

It was a great day filled with oohhhs and aahhhs and yeaaaas!!! Nicholas shared that "this Christmas was even better than last year - and that's a compliment!" when he had finished opening his presents. And to think that we felt that we had cut back in a big way this year!!!

Friends joined us for a deep-fried turkey, followed by much chatting, a couple of games of pool and a movie. It really was a lovely day.

The rest of the Christmas break was spent looking a little like this ---
a lot of sitting around, relaxing. We did go ice-skating one afternoon. The kids LOVED it. N and K had only been once or twice before and took to it like birds to water - N was even circling around (on purpose!). T was more cautious (shocking to hear I know!!) - but noone fell - unless tripped and they all are ready to go again. It's the coolest outdoor rink - right here in Currituck - and it's hugely popular. We'll have to get there again soon and this time I'll remember the camera! And no my friends - i did not attempt to skate - much to my children's dismay. Truly did not need that humiliation - can you just see it .... not pretty I can promise you!
New Year's Eve was fun. It started with just a couple of friends and grew.... doesn't it always! Everyone brought a little something to eat and we had a blast. Kids all got along (YEAHHH!!) and we all toasted 2008 in with champagne while watching the ball drop. It was a great way to start the year off - good friends, good times and much laughter..... our wish to all of you for 2008.
Until the next time.....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Reflections

I made this pillow for Nicholas' teacher and it certainly reflects my sentiments. We must always try to find joy - in whatever we do. When we first started planning Christmas - months ago, the plan was to go to Toronto.... we were all very excited - looking forward to surrounding ourselves with family. Unfortunately our visa renewals didn't come in time and we weren't able to go - we were ALL very disappointed. But we invited friends to join us for Christmas dinner, had friends drop by for breakfast - followed by us dropping in on other friends for more breakfast!!, talked with family on the phone and enjoyed each others company and the balmy NC weather.

The days leading up the Christmas were particularly hectic. Since Jan was on vacation from work we both went to see Nicholas in his class play on Native Americans - very cute. Nicholas played the role of a Spaniard trying to initiate trade agreements with the Native Americans. Spears and bows and arrows were involved making for a very entertaining 1/2 hour!!

Sunday evening took us to Tasha's piano recital. It was wonderful. There were about 10 children participating - from the very beginner to the more accomplished. Tasha played "Jingle Bells" - a duet with her teacher (I am going to attempt to insert it into the blog!); "Christmas Eve Walz"; "Turkish March" by Mozart - a hugely difficult piece she has been working on for a year!! ; and as her finale "Believe" from the movie Polar Express.

Christmas Eve included much baking, wrapping and getting ready for Christmas Eve mass and Christmas Pageant. Nicholas (narrator) and Katrina (Mary)participated in the Christmas pageant and Tasha played piano (which she does regularly for the Episcopalian church on Sundays). It was a beautiful production followed by a wonderful service. Tasha played beautifully and Nicholas and Katrina performed well - we were so proud.

And so - while we weren't able to be with family in Toronto we were blessed with much joy this season - and look forward to the next time....

All about Christmas Day tomorrow! Love to all.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

One more day of summer...

Who says December equals cold temperatures. We hit a record high again yesterday (high 70s) and today way up in the 60s.... AAHH gotta love it. Unfortunately that midwest cold front will arrive here in the next couple of days, bringing the temperature down where it needs to be - Yuck! They're predicting a couple of days down in the 40s and even 30s and so I had to have a conversation with Nicholas this morning about having to wear long pants... it didn't go as I had planned - but then it rarely does... He proceeded to inform me that he had a streak going and wasn't going to break it just because of some cool weather. Yes he'd wear long sleeves - but NOT long pants!!! We negotiated - and finally I "won" at 35 degrees! That's when he has to wear long pants - wish me luck.

Tuesday I promised you that I'd bring the camera to the band concert - and I did. But unfortunately the photos did not come out clearly - definitely not worth posting. Sorry. Even took a video - but the sound doesn't do it justice.

Christmas cards are ready to go - YEAH me!! I'm loving going out to the mailbox these days as there is usually the promise of a Christmas card or even two. Decorations are almost all up. Baking started. A few presents hidden here and there. Tree just waiting for lights and ornaments (must be done before Sunday - company coming!). Life is good.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Summer in December

Christmas cards have arrived, letter is just about ready to print, envelopes are addressed - see told y'all that they'd be in the mail by Friday!!

Yesterday we were reliving summer with our 78 degree weather!! (Can you believe it? In December?? Record temperature) Today was a little cooler (high 60s) and then back into the 70s tomorrow - YEAH!!!

To all that have visited and emailed me - thank you for your words of encouragement.

Tonight we're off to Tasha's Christmas Band Concert - too bad I wasn't doing this at her last concert - she had a solo and I could have shared that with you. No solos tonight (much to her delight!) but it should be fun. I promise to remember the camera - it's going in my purse right now! - and i'll post tomorrow.

Until then....

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas countdown

Finally, the Christmas lights are up outside - y'all know how much fun that was don't you!!?? I even put garland all around the porch railings and since the sun was still out and all the children were home I thought to myself.... this could be the year that we send photo Christmas cards again (it's been 6-7 years!). Posted are a couple that we didn't pick.. ... you'll have to wait to see the one we did - really... I PROMISE ... Jan's picking them up from Sam's tomorrow and I'll have them in the mail by Friday - I've even started writing the letter -LOL.

It's been a busy weekend - Tasha's swam in a high school meet - they did really well - as did she. She swam her first 200 metre IM (individual medley - freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly) and was thrilled with her time. So far it's been a successful season for them. Right now (thankfully) Nicholas and Katrina are not participating in any activities - we are enjoying the break as football was a HUGE part of our lives during the fall as were play practices! Basketball is around the corner...

Well back to decorating.... talk with you soon.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Definitely a Work in Progress

Now that one of the girls has her own blog (you guess which one!) I thought it was definitely time for me to stop procrastinating about this project.... good Lord if she can why can't I!!! If my sister-in-law,with two small children, can find time - why can't I - priorities I guess. But now is my time to start on this.... please be patient with me.

My goal is to keep y'all up-to-date (in Annette time!) as to our adventures, our comings and goings and hopefully with current photographs of the children's activities. You never know - maybe even some of my daily musings, book reviews, current sewing/quilting projects, thoughts and whatever else I might feel like sharing. AHHH the power of freedom of speech and a wide open audience!!!

Talk to you soon. Enjoy the day.