Saturday, January 23, 2010

Auction Benefitting Haiti

Friends and family - as promised I am including a link to the modernjax blog where Beth is auctioning off Christmas quilts, tree skirts and a table runner with all benefits going to Haiti relief.

Also included is the tree skirt I quilted.

Please go visit and if you see it in your heart and pocketbook to help - THANK YOU!

Until next time, keep well. xo

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year

Only making one new year's resolution (that I'm admitting to!) and that is .... post much more regularly. The past six months have been filled with lots of sewing, quilting, and swaps as well as family and friends, sports, play and movie watching. Looking forward to creating way cool costumes for our local spring musical - "Scarlet Pimpernel", challenging myself through a couple new bees I joined and completing some "WIPs" (works in progress) - 3 in particular!!

Below are some pics of the tree skirt I quilted from the charity blocks donated to modernJax's Christmas Block Swap. Beth will the holding an auction of these quilts/tree skirts etc., with proceeds going to Haiti recovery. I'll definitely keep you posted.

Here are the blocks I sent off for Bee Addicted - Wonky Houses.

Until next time my friends. Keep well and warm.