Friday, April 11, 2008

The Sun Comes Out

Finally after over a week of rain, mist and gloomy weather the sun has come out. We are SO thankful - it was getting very depressing. So have you been able to figure out what that top photo is .....???? Truly a sign of spring - a whole bunch of tiny, newborn.... bunnies!!!! Right here in out back yard.... now if only we can keep the puppies away from them! Aren't you also lovin' those cherry blossoms. It's always so delightful to watch that tree come to life in the early spring - it's truly beautiful. The tree across the street comes into bloom a few days before us - they must get more sun! - but that's okay 'cause we then get to watch both blossom - it even smells good.

Last weekend the family (or most of them anyways) were in the mood for an Indian dinner. So T. and I put together the following -

Oh so yummy Baked Samosas to the left and homemade naan on the right. Below is a bowl of Bombay Potatoes.... we also had some Thai Red Curry (for those who wanted a little meat!). Oh can't forget the lentil Dahl. Truly what our kids call "A FEAST". We had fun and it was an enjoyable way to spend a gloomy Sunday afternoon.

I will look for the recipes and attempt to link them (wish me luck).
I do want to share some beauty fabric that just came in the mail and some very cute little bibs and burp cloths that I've had some time to make but you will have to wait until i've been shown how to download the photos!
Well I do need to be off - it's an early release day (report cards and conferences) plus we had a two-hour delay this morning (yea you know the kids were loving only having to be at school 2 hours) - leaving very little time to get much done. Enjoy the day.

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