Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 down - 5 to go

Here's a quick peek at my Christmas blocks for the swap being sponsored by ModernJax.

We signed up to make 6 blocks (+ one for charity if you wanted to). 2 will go to each of your three team mates. In return (fingers crossed) you will receive 2 blocks from each of your 3 team mates..... I'm really looking forward to seeing what I receive and think i'm going to make a little wall hanging with my 6... might add a couple of my own ... depending on the spark of the moment!
I've had a quick look at a couple of my swap partners sites and OMGoodness - VERY CUTE is all I have to say! Sophia, Kristen and Nicole - can't wait to receive your blocks.

1 comment:

susan said...

i missed the sign up deadline for that swap, and i was so sad :o(
your blocks are adorable!!