Monday, November 26, 2007

Definitely a Work in Progress

Now that one of the girls has her own blog (you guess which one!) I thought it was definitely time for me to stop procrastinating about this project.... good Lord if she can why can't I!!! If my sister-in-law,with two small children, can find time - why can't I - priorities I guess. But now is my time to start on this.... please be patient with me.

My goal is to keep y'all up-to-date (in Annette time!) as to our adventures, our comings and goings and hopefully with current photographs of the children's activities. You never know - maybe even some of my daily musings, book reviews, current sewing/quilting projects, thoughts and whatever else I might feel like sharing. AHHH the power of freedom of speech and a wide open audience!!!

Talk to you soon. Enjoy the day.


Courtney said...

I will keep an eye on your blog. Good for you for starting one! Good luck!

BibouMummy said...


YES, Blogs do take a lot of time (share a secret - I don't sleep much!) but they're sooooooooo much fun and makes you feel oh so proud.

The kids have grown up. WOW. Hope that the our girls will be able to meet their cousins very soon.