Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas countdown

Finally, the Christmas lights are up outside - y'all know how much fun that was don't you!!?? I even put garland all around the porch railings and since the sun was still out and all the children were home I thought to myself.... this could be the year that we send photo Christmas cards again (it's been 6-7 years!). Posted are a couple that we didn't pick.. ... you'll have to wait to see the one we did - really... I PROMISE ... Jan's picking them up from Sam's tomorrow and I'll have them in the mail by Friday - I've even started writing the letter -LOL.

It's been a busy weekend - Tasha's swam in a high school meet - they did really well - as did she. She swam her first 200 metre IM (individual medley - freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly) and was thrilled with her time. So far it's been a successful season for them. Right now (thankfully) Nicholas and Katrina are not participating in any activities - we are enjoying the break as football was a HUGE part of our lives during the fall as were play practices! Basketball is around the corner...

Well back to decorating.... talk with you soon.

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