Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hectic Week

Not that much to post these days. It's life as usual at our house - lots of swimming (3 meets and 3 practices in 1 week? YIKES), soccer practices and now we have basketball to fit in too.... ah the fun never ends! Next week we'll add an evening class for me - along with the above and it's on a night that Jan's not home.... you know you want to be here to experience this.... I know you do!!!!! LOL.

Nicholas' school had a talent show on Friday - very fun - and our little man was supposed to participate. He had this VERY funny "ventriloquist" comedy routine - even had a puppet named "Doodley"... a very cool looking dude. The children had to audition in front of their class and then the class voted on who should represent their class (only one act per class!!??). Nicholas was picked - over a dance routine and a vocal group. As it turns out though - he was asked to add a "message" to the end of his routine. He didn't think it fit in... didn't understand why when dance and vocal acts don't have "messages" why his should, so declined on the opportunity to perform. I guess they learn about creative expression early.

I've been busy working on some sewing projects - first my sewing area had to be re-organized - but now all has been put away and sorted and I look forward to sharing some projects with you soon.

All the best -

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Cori Derksen & Myra Harder said...

I would love to see what kinds of sewing projects you are working on!