Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Remembered

It was a great day filled with oohhhs and aahhhs and yeaaaas!!! Nicholas shared that "this Christmas was even better than last year - and that's a compliment!" when he had finished opening his presents. And to think that we felt that we had cut back in a big way this year!!!

Friends joined us for a deep-fried turkey, followed by much chatting, a couple of games of pool and a movie. It really was a lovely day.

The rest of the Christmas break was spent looking a little like this ---
a lot of sitting around, relaxing. We did go ice-skating one afternoon. The kids LOVED it. N and K had only been once or twice before and took to it like birds to water - N was even circling around (on purpose!). T was more cautious (shocking to hear I know!!) - but noone fell - unless tripped and they all are ready to go again. It's the coolest outdoor rink - right here in Currituck - and it's hugely popular. We'll have to get there again soon and this time I'll remember the camera! And no my friends - i did not attempt to skate - much to my children's dismay. Truly did not need that humiliation - can you just see it .... not pretty I can promise you!
New Year's Eve was fun. It started with just a couple of friends and grew.... doesn't it always! Everyone brought a little something to eat and we had a blast. Kids all got along (YEAHHH!!) and we all toasted 2008 in with champagne while watching the ball drop. It was a great way to start the year off - good friends, good times and much laughter..... our wish to all of you for 2008.
Until the next time.....

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