Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May is Women's Clothing Month

.... And as such I am focusing on sewing for MYSELF!! Okay, I've promised the girls I'd do a little sewing for them too! and of course there are still some quilting blocks that I'm working on and couple of purses to make etc. etc. Especially with the end of the year coming up - a nice tote bag is usually appreciated (also quick and inexpensive to put together!).
The photos are of a couple of purses/totes that I have made for friends recently. Slowly but surely I'm remember to photograph projects as I complete them - before they go out the door!

I've posted a few new links to some of my favourite blogs. One of which is Yummy Goods - Melissa always has something fun to share - she has an amazing knack (no pun intended - you'll see why I'm saying this in a sec) in finding vintage knick knacks, fabric etc in thrift shops. I don't know about you but personally I have never been that lucky. She also has a line of gorgeous fabric coming out later this summer.... ahh such talent. As part of a contest that she's going to be running soon, in honour of her 200th post, linking her blog to our blog would be beneficial..... okay really not the only reason I'm adding her - she really is fun to read and she has oodles of talent. Enjoy!

I've also included a link to Crazy Mom Quilts as I'm participating in her Quilt-a-Long. "We're" on week 2 and I can proudly say that I have both blocks cut out.... not sewn together... but cut out - so half way there??? Wouldn't you agree!!??

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Barb said...

Hi Annette,

I'm sorry to use your comments for this, but I wanted to let you know, you won one of the /Comfort Food tote bags I'm giving away. I couldn't find an email link in your profile.

Please send me your mailing information. My email link is in my sidebar.