Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Time

Lots of relaxing, soaking up the sun, a little beach time, a camp here and there, pool time, big indoor projects (why do we do these in the summer??? - oh that's right so that the mess stays outside and the gorgeousness is created inside!! - before & after on a later post) - and just plain hanging out with friends. And that my friends is what we've been up to.

For those that know our Special K and her personality you won't be surprised to know that she's been wanting to try out for the cheerleading squad. We gave in this year and gave her the go ahead to try-out (it's all the drama that surrounds cheering that i'm not into - not cheering itself!! As if there isn't enough drama surrouning 8th grade...) Anyways - here is the photo capturing "THE phone call" from Coach. T. The coach later told me that she'd never heard such excitement from a girlie when told they'd made the squad as K's. "I'm a cheerleader" could be heard for days from that child's mouth - Yikes -

BTW - here's a photo of our puppies. They're 8 months old now and thankfully have calmed down some. The big labradoodle belongs to a friend. It was hilarious to watch the three of them interact. At first so much hesitation and after a day they were inseperable - so much so that when Commodore went home Izzy and Bella mopped around for a good couple of days. Craziness!!

Of course, our summer is never complete without three birthdays. Here are some of Nicki's with his friends.... I think we had 10 - 11 yo boys... thank goodness for the pool, good weather and water balloons!!!

Until next time - take care.

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