Monday, June 1, 2009

Back into the Swing of It

Nothing like a Quilt-Along to get me back into blogging. The reality is that i have a couple of other priorities (like an 8th grade graduation dress) to complete before week's end but hey - nothing like a little pressure to get i all done :)

It's just the third week (out of six), strips are just being sewn together.... I have to go into town tomorrow - hope the little man doesn't mind a quick trip to the fabric store as my stash is in very sad shape at the moment... so it's feeling very doable.

I can't believe school is over in just a few days - a senior, a freshman and a 7th grader in the fall - where does the time go?

I'll be back tomorrow with a few updates - some photos - but REALLY - that dress has to get done and the girlie picked a Vogue pattern - an advanced sewer one, with funky pleats....

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Lulabellesview said...

Welcome Back!! Oh that Sew Along is so very tempting. Best of luck with the graduation dress and I really hope we get to see it when it's finished.