Monday, June 8, 2009

Off to high school and quilt-along

I can't believe it - one senior , one freshman and one 7th grader.... where does it go? K had her 8th grade award ceremony (we're not allowed to call it a graduation here on the coast of NC) - graduation is reserved for high school. A couple of awards, tears (that she had saved up for a week!! a long story), lots of photos and a little cake. Altogether a great day. So here's a pic of her dress. K is the one in the blue dress (for those that don't know her!). She wore it with a cute white shrug as it was strapless (as per her instructions) and therefore not appropriate for school! Unfortunately, you can't see the pleats - to me that what made it a little different. The way it laid because of them.

I've also been working on Old Red Barn's Quilt-Along. My fabric is picked, strips cut and i've sewn two sets together. I'm a "little" behind as we're supposed to be at the point where sets have been sewn & cut and blocks are being sewn together! that's okay though 'cause I have all week to catch-up!!
Here are my 12 fabrics -
... now cut into strips... for the life of me I couldn't get the cat out of the way - i'd put him down, he'd get right back up.... quirky!
.... tomorrow the strip sets!

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Laura said...

Great job on the dress! It looks beautiful on your daughter and the fabric is so spunky and fun. Very nice.