Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Reflections

I made this pillow for Nicholas' teacher and it certainly reflects my sentiments. We must always try to find joy - in whatever we do. When we first started planning Christmas - months ago, the plan was to go to Toronto.... we were all very excited - looking forward to surrounding ourselves with family. Unfortunately our visa renewals didn't come in time and we weren't able to go - we were ALL very disappointed. But we invited friends to join us for Christmas dinner, had friends drop by for breakfast - followed by us dropping in on other friends for more breakfast!!, talked with family on the phone and enjoyed each others company and the balmy NC weather.

The days leading up the Christmas were particularly hectic. Since Jan was on vacation from work we both went to see Nicholas in his class play on Native Americans - very cute. Nicholas played the role of a Spaniard trying to initiate trade agreements with the Native Americans. Spears and bows and arrows were involved making for a very entertaining 1/2 hour!!

Sunday evening took us to Tasha's piano recital. It was wonderful. There were about 10 children participating - from the very beginner to the more accomplished. Tasha played "Jingle Bells" - a duet with her teacher (I am going to attempt to insert it into the blog!); "Christmas Eve Walz"; "Turkish March" by Mozart - a hugely difficult piece she has been working on for a year!! ; and as her finale "Believe" from the movie Polar Express.

Christmas Eve included much baking, wrapping and getting ready for Christmas Eve mass and Christmas Pageant. Nicholas (narrator) and Katrina (Mary)participated in the Christmas pageant and Tasha played piano (which she does regularly for the Episcopalian church on Sundays). It was a beautiful production followed by a wonderful service. Tasha played beautifully and Nicholas and Katrina performed well - we were so proud.

And so - while we weren't able to be with family in Toronto we were blessed with much joy this season - and look forward to the next time....

All about Christmas Day tomorrow! Love to all.

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Cori Derksen & Myra Harder said...

Hi Annette,

I love the little pillow. I have always wanted to make my children's teachers gift too...haven't done it yet though. Maybe next year. Thanks for the inspiration!