Thursday, December 13, 2007

One more day of summer...

Who says December equals cold temperatures. We hit a record high again yesterday (high 70s) and today way up in the 60s.... AAHH gotta love it. Unfortunately that midwest cold front will arrive here in the next couple of days, bringing the temperature down where it needs to be - Yuck! They're predicting a couple of days down in the 40s and even 30s and so I had to have a conversation with Nicholas this morning about having to wear long pants... it didn't go as I had planned - but then it rarely does... He proceeded to inform me that he had a streak going and wasn't going to break it just because of some cool weather. Yes he'd wear long sleeves - but NOT long pants!!! We negotiated - and finally I "won" at 35 degrees! That's when he has to wear long pants - wish me luck.

Tuesday I promised you that I'd bring the camera to the band concert - and I did. But unfortunately the photos did not come out clearly - definitely not worth posting. Sorry. Even took a video - but the sound doesn't do it justice.

Christmas cards are ready to go - YEAH me!! I'm loving going out to the mailbox these days as there is usually the promise of a Christmas card or even two. Decorations are almost all up. Baking started. A few presents hidden here and there. Tree just waiting for lights and ornaments (must be done before Sunday - company coming!). Life is good.


Courtney said...

I just got the card today! I can't believe how much everyone has grown!!!! We've GOT to get together sometime soon!

Give everyone a hug from all of us!

Babie said...

Hey lovely girl, where is my card?? I'm sorry you could not make it up for Christmas. we all miss you. We had a full house with C and family and had lots of fun and good eats. I even took Bibou out for a manicure. Another one endoctrinated in the Babie way of life!!